Gorilla Nest Lodge Rwanda

The lodge is situated in Northern Rwanda’s Musanze district, Gorilla’s Nest Lodge is nestled in a forest of Eucalyptus trees. An awe-inspiring experience awaits you in this part of Africa.

Share the Mountain Gorilla’s family space, soak up the serenity found in nature and be a part of the private lives of the abundant primates in this magnificent country. Positioned on the foothills of the Virunga Volcano range this beautiful lodge provides breathtaking views of Rwandan hills and the slopes of the Volcanoes National Park.

Hanna Cottage
Facilities The lodge offers 9 standard rooms overlooking the luscious golf course fairways and Volcanic Virunga Mountains, 9 standard rooms snugly tucked into the forest, 1 apartment and the Jack Hanna owned 2 bedroom cottages, overlooking the mountains, golf course and the Volcanoes.

Bringing guests in close proximity to the largest family group of Mountain Gorillas in the Virungas the lodge ensures a peaceful Activities Guests can delight in a host of activities, including Mountain Gorilla and Golden Monkey trekking plus the visit to Diane Fossey’s Karisoke Camp. Luxuriate and enjoy authentic African cuisine and expertly prepared international dishes in a cozy and traditionally African atmosphere. A scenic 90 kilometre drive from Kigali leads visitors to this lush destination.

Popular tourist activities while at Mahogany Gorillas Nest Lodge
While at Gorillas Nest Lodge, you not only do gorilla tracking but also other tourist activities adventurous hike to the grave site of the late Dian Fossey, the American primatelogist who spend close to 20 year in Virunga Forest habituating gorillas. She was killed by poachers, and her grave yard is nestled between the 2 peaks of Bishoke and Karisimbi.

Also we have Golden monkey tracking in Volcanoes national park, community tours, forest walks, bird watching and mountain hiking to Karisimbi or Bishoke. Mountain Bishoke hiking requires 1 day, while Mount Karisimbi requires 2 days and one night. However, most popular Rwanda safaris take you for mountain gorilla tracking and may be golden monkey tracking in Volcanoes national park.