Rwanda Tourism Industry is based on Mountain Gorilla Trekking Safaris

The Tourism Industry in Rwanda has decided to put its focus in developing and marketing of the mountain gorillas, since this will help in increasing the amount of tourists who come to Rwanda for gorilla trekking safaris hence contributing to raising enough revenue from the primates.

The Gorilla trekking activity which is carried out in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda is so interesting and it’s done by numerous tourists who want gorilla safaris to the nation. This is because the incomes from the tourism industry in Rwanda have improved in the later years and this implies that mountain gorillas have contributed the highest incomes to the tourism Industry.

rwanda-gorilla-tourIn spite of the fact that Rwanda’s tourism sector has mainly concentrated on mountain gorillas, there are numerous different attractions which have likewise contributed the increase of Rwanda’s revenues to the nation. These attractions incorporate; the chimpanzees in Nyungwe Forest National Park, the birds, the water bodies, the mountains, wildlife and many others. All these have helped in pulling in more tourists to come for Rwanda safaris.

The Rwanda Government has however helped in providing finances to the ministry of tourism with the goal that it can be able to funds its projects which will help in developing the tourism industry and likewise increasing the number of tourists who come for Rwanda Gorilla safaris in Volcanoes National Park.