Plan Uganda safari

Plan a Uganda Safari
The whole world knows that the most popular African country for safaris is probably Kenya. But not everybody knows that a Uganda is as beautiful and breathe taking! Uganda is not as well known and advertised for Uganda gorilla safaris as Kenya but in reality the country is so gorgeous and full of treasures to explore. As you plane your holiday to Africa, consider Uganda to be your first choice holiday destination among the countries to visit in Africa. Uganda offers great tourism adventure experience and infrastructures and many of the HOTELS AND lodges have been constructed to ensure maximum comfort while on your tour. The country offers unbelievable beauty and is home to many wild animals that are properly protected by laws as well as many national parks that have all sorts of beautiful sites like lakes, forests, waterfalls, green wild pasture and so much more. Bwindi gorilla trekking is the main tourist attraction are the mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and you can book your tour at very affordable price with Gorilla Expeditions Ltd, Uganda’s top ranked tour company!

A Safari is Every Body’s Dream
wildlife-uganda-national-parksGoing for a tour or holiday through the wilds of Africa is especially Uganda and Rwanda, at one time or another, every ones dream. Ever since Teddy Roosevelt popularized the safari with his long and adventurous African hunts, many a boy has fantasized about the roar of African lion, the trumpet of an elephant, and the gaping yawn of a hippo. What better way to go than with Uganda safari? One can connect with primal roots on the continent that is the birthplace of man, see the red and burning sunsets that many of our early ancestors admired and experience the solitude and beckoning call of the wilderness. Imagine the engine of a roaring Land cruiser beneath you, a cloudless sky and burning sun beaming down on animals you have only seen in the zoo and on television. What a wonder it would be to see the places documented on film and television and the circle of life that nature showcases so perfectly! African Jungle Adventures offers affordable and memorable wildlife tours and gorilla safari packages to all Uganda National Parks like Murchison Falls N.P, Bwindi gorilla forest, Mgahinga National park, Kibale forest, Queen Elizabeth N.P, semliki National Park, Lake Mburo wildlife park, and Mount Elgon and Rwenzori among others.

Travel in Leisure with Gorilla Expeditions Ltd, this is Uganda and Rwanda’s number one gorilla tour company and recently acquired a new safari vehicle (4×4 Land cruiser). It is available for hire at USD90 per day minus fuel / gas.

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