Rwanda For Your Next Vacation

Many people around the world do not know much about Rwanda due to the fact it is a young nation and not that politically prolific. But let’s try to make the world know Rwanda. Rwanda is a small country located in the east African region bordered by Uganda in the North, Tanzania in the East, Burundi in the South and Democratic Republic of Congo. It is a country that lies near the equator and this makes it a tropical country that receives rain and sunshine throughout the year.

When you turn to the touristic part of Rwanda, it is like any other African country in terms of the experience it offers to its visitors which is sand, sun and wildlife. The experience is always different in Rwanda as it has different unique wildlife that cannot be seen anywhere else. The millions of tourists that explore Rwanda have had a lifetime experience and many have returned to Rwanda for more encounters of the amazing wildlife, climate and its hospitable people.

Rwanda is the place to be for every eco tourist due to the fact that it has the most sought after animals in Africa the mountain gorillas that are inhabit in the north east of the country at volcanoes national park situated within the Virunga ranges. Rwanda has a third of these world’s huge primates and it is best place to watch the mountain gorillas in their natural setting. Mountain gorillas are very intelligent animals that have 98.8% DNA similar to mankind and this implies that they have lots of traits similar to mankind. The most intriguing of the traits are the social characters of relating among each other and the ability to use tools like sticks to gather food and also to build shelter. Coming close to the mountain gorillas is an exhilarating moment and it is the closest mankind can get to nature.

Away from the gorillas, Rwanda also has other wildlife to enjoy on a vacation. Rwanda is a home to 13 different species of other common primates namely the chimpanzees, red tailed monkeys, black and white colobus, blue monkeys and the grey cheeked mangabey to mention but a few. These are found in Nyungwe forest national park in the southwest of the country. Amongst the common primates chimpanzees take the top notch of excitement. Chimpanzees are also apes like mankind and are the closest relatives of mankind. These are arguably the most intelligent animals in the world next to humans. When a visitor meets the chimpanzees in the wild, he/she can never fail to get mesmerized as these small apes have lots of interesting social displays like the ability to use tools like stones and tree branches to gather food.

In addition to the above Rwanda also possesses the common big animals that is the elephants, zebras, buffalos, giraffes, lions and antelopes and these can be viewed on game drive round Akagera national park located in the southeast. These common animals have interesting to watch in their natural setting as they move and run around the savannah plains looking for survival. These animals are photogenic and every traveler would like to have a photo of these beautiful wild animals.

Rwanda also has other attraction to watch on the vacation like the architectural marvels in the city of Kigali and also its culture by encountering different cultural communities and centers. Rwanda is a country where wildlife grinds with traditional culture and any traveler interested in wildlife and authentic African traditional culture, Rwanda is the place to be on your vacation.

Why Hire a vehicle For Self Drive Tours in Uganda?

When you think about African safaris the first thing that comes to your mind is guided safaris. But with change in travel market today, most tourists today have opted for self drive and camping tours rather than guided safaris. Going for a self drive tour in Uganda means you have to hire a self drive car that suits within your pocket and gives you the total comfort and relaxation while on safari to Uganda’s remotest protected areas. This is not expensive because there are many tour operators including 4×4 Uganda Limited offering cheap car hire in Uganda from as low as US$25 per day including free travel advise, safari planning, GPS, Road Map, 24 hour road assistance and a phone with local SIM for easy communication. There is a lot more to explore on self drive tours right from wildlife, adrenaline adventures to cultural encounters.
Below are some of the reasons why you need to contact 4×4 Uganda and hire a car for self drive tours in Uganda.

Self drive cars are pocket friendly and affordable

Depending on your budget, there is wide range of cars that suit within every client pocket. Our fleets of cars come with low rates and our clients are able to realize their dreams without any worries. Whether you need a budget Toyota Rav4 or a 4×4 safari car, we shall get it for you within your budget.

Our self drive vehicles are well maintained

When it comes to car rental services, we put our client on top. If you wish to realize the value of your money, then hiring a self drive car with 4×4 Uganda Limited is a way to go for you. Our cars are well serviced and maintained in good conditions. They are regularly serviced by experts, thoroughly checked before and after every safari. All the cars have comprehensive insurance and offered at unlimited mileage basis.

Flexibility and ability to explore Uganda on your own

While others may prefer guided safaris, your self drive tour is a real adventure as it allows you to penetrate into Uganda’s hidden secrets on your preferred time. It is flexible in that you can make a stopover at any interesting site along the way which all adds to your experience. Additionally, you adjust your travel pragram depending on your interests, for instance, you can stay longer in a destination than earlier planned so that you explore more, which may not be the car with escorted tour.

Discounts on long term rentals

Hiring a vehicle for self drive tours in Uganda on a long period of time comes with amazing gifts. When you rent a car for long period like 2 weeks or more, there are higher chances are that you will be given some discounts for long term rentals with particular car hire company.

Professional safari driver guides

In case you prefer hiring a car and the driver, you still have the chance and you will simply sit back while enjoying the spectacular views of the surrounding area. Driver guides are knowledgeable about the most interesting places to visit or make a stopover while on safari to Ugandan wilderness destinations. A professional English speaking driver / guide is paid from US$30 per day and this includes his accommodations, food and upkeep. However, at the end of the trip, you can tip him depending on your satisfaction with the service.

There are no hidden rates

When it comes to hiring a car for self drive road trip in Uganda, there are hidden prices and quotes. Visitors are issued with comprehensive prices and there are no cases of exploitation.

Airport transfers

It is strenuous after you have landed in the airport and again you start looking for a car for you to transfer from the airport to your destination. With self drive rental, you get airport transfers and free of cost vehicle drop off at your specified location. This relieves you from extra cost of getting the airport taxi.

Paying on arrival

Provided that you booked the car, then there is no need to be stranded at the airport. As soon as you land at Entebbe Airport, our driver will be waiting for you at the airport ready to hand over the keys to you. You only drive the vehicle that you booked and this becomes convenient as you independent travelers who value their money.

What you Book is What You Get!

If you booked for a Rav4, you won’t get a coaster for a self drive holiday. What you like on our home page is exactly what you get up on your arrival. It feels enjoyable to drive a car of your choice.

No Credit Card Charges

When you book a car for self drive safari from 4×4 Uganda Limited, you can pay by credit card with no charges.

The Minimum Age For Gorilla Tracking

Are you planning for your gorilla trek in Africa? Do you know the age limit for gorilla trekking? Unlike other wildlife safaris, mountain gorilla trekking isn’t for everybody but for specific age brackets. A trek to see a group of these Great Apes is described as lifetime experience and it can only be encountered in the thick tropical rain forest of Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo.

When it comes to this remarkable experience you have to be of certain age brackets and that is why you need to consider your age before traveling for the trek in any of the gorilla destinations. This is because some things have to be done by a given class of people and that is why with gorilla trekking children aren’t part of this breathtaking adventure.

Considering the fact that children can easily be frightened by mountain gorillas and afterwards scream loudly, such behavior in the gorilla habitat may cause aggressiveness among these primates. Such behavior makes these unique apes think that foreigners have intruded into their habitat and the ending result can be negative as they can harm humans. To curb down these impacts, only people above 15 years are allowed to go for mountain gorilla trekking in all destinations.

For lifetime experiences with these Great apes, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga National Park in southwestern Uganda as well as Volcanoes National Park in Northwestern Rwanda or the Virunga National Park in Eastern DRC should be a must to visit destinations for you.

All persons below 15 years are considered children and such category of people are not permitted to participate in this strenuous adventure. The other assumption is that people below 15 years are likely to spread human infectious diseases to these critically endangered mountain gorillas. To curb this impacts, respective conservation authorities plus the rest of the stake holders agreed on age limit to be 15 years.

Also, it is unpredictable how children below 15 years will carry themselves while with mountain gorillas. They can opt to run away rather than humbling themselves before the gentle apes especially when the gorillas become aggressive or charge at them. It is believed that persons above 15 years can help themselves especially when they are interfaced by these Great Apes in the wild.

As well, they understand the code of conduct while in the forest tracking these unique species. Remember that mountain gorillas are wild animals and like any creature, they also have feelings, fearful and scared by strange situations in their habitat especially the flashlight cameras. These species can become aggressive based on what they feel something that can make them to fight back as a way to protect themselves.

Given the fact that gorilla tracking is conducted within the thick forest, with or without trails, persons under the age 15 years may fail to remember the map of the area and if they are off track, it can be hard to look for them. Usually they spend much of their time playing and can be slow and the whole tracking process is affected. While in the destination, you will be required to present a copy of your passport and if they find out that you are below the minimum age, you will not be allowed to track gorillas. This will be done early in the morning during registration while you will be joining the rest of people for early morning briefing by the park officials.

In conclusion therefore, gorilla trekking adventure is a strenuous experience that can be par taken if you are physically well. This lifetime experience is also affected by age factor and due to this the required minimum age is 15 years. This is because people below 15 years are considered children. Given the fact that these unique species are just like any wild animal they also come with emotions and if they are irritated, they can harm you and for children they may not be defend themselves compared to adults.