Touring in Rwanda and Surrounding Countries for the gorilla experience and mountain hike

I and my family for very many years we have been hearing of the volcanoes and the Nyiragongo mountain hike to view the erupted volcano, Gorilla Expeditions Ltd made all of our arrangements and implemented them perfectly for our week in Rwanda for gorilla trekking and visiting the Genocide Memorials in Kigali and other genocide sites. Our tour guide, Mike, was exceptional in his attention to detail and to providing outstanding service from the time he connected with us at the airport upon arrival to our departure at the end of the week.

The vehicle we traveled in was appropriately sizable and solid which represented safety when on the road and especially when on rough terrain getting to the trekking start points. Mike kept our 4×4 vehcile clean and comfortable at all times. He was knowledgeable about his country and was ready and able to hold informative discussions with us about all aspects of Rwanda, its history, current issues, among others. The company obtained our choices of lodging in Kigali where they booked for us at Kigali Serena Hotel and near the National Park where we stayed at Sabyinyo Silver Back Lodge. I would definitely utilize this outfitter again when visiting Rwanda and I plan to recommend them to anyone I know who might be interested in Rwanda gorilla trekking adventure!

At our visit to the volcanoes national park, we visited the park headquarters for the briefing about the endangered mountain gorillas and the forest in general, later we entered into the forest looking for the mountain gorillas and when we met them we took unforgettable photographs and videos which was a great memorable experience of the entire adventure. After taking the photos and videos, we had to return to the park headquarters for our trekking certificates and then with our tour guide Mike, we transferred to Lake Kivu Hotel where we had our overnight stay as we wait the following day to cross via Goma to the Democratic Republic of Congo visiting the Mountain Nyiragongo and we stayed at Mikeno lodge.

Then thereafter early morning we took our breakfast excited and ready to climb or hike the mount Nyiragongo and thereafter we transferred to the starting point and with our ranger guide with our hiking requirements like walkable shoes, hut, rain gears, insect repellent, we started this adventurous hike and upon arrival at the larva caldera we had amazing wonders and we had our overnight in the safari tents over the top of the mountain. Then the following day we had to descend back to the lodge and upon arrival at the lodge we had refreshment, and then the following day we took the Congo gorilla trekking experience in the Virunga massif, and after these adventures we embarked our safari jeep and our guide and transfer back to the Kigali airport for flight departure back home Australia!!

Plan Uganda safari

Plan a Uganda Safari
The whole world knows that the most popular African country for safaris is probably Kenya. But not everybody knows that a Uganda is as beautiful and breathe taking! Uganda is not as well known and advertised for Uganda gorilla safaris as Kenya but in reality the country is so gorgeous and full of treasures to explore. As you plane your holiday to Africa, consider Uganda to be your first choice holiday destination among the countries to visit in Africa. Uganda offers great tourism adventure experience and infrastructures and many of the HOTELS AND lodges have been constructed to ensure maximum comfort while on your tour. The country offers unbelievable beauty and is home to many wild animals that are properly protected by laws as well as many national parks that have all sorts of beautiful sites like lakes, forests, waterfalls, green wild pasture and so much more. Bwindi gorilla trekking is the main tourist attraction are the mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and you can book your tour at very affordable price with Gorilla Expeditions Ltd, Uganda’s top ranked tour company!

A Safari is Every Body’s Dream
wildlife-uganda-national-parksGoing for a tour or holiday through the wilds of Africa is especially Uganda and Rwanda, at one time or another, every ones dream. Ever since Teddy Roosevelt popularized the safari with his long and adventurous African hunts, many a boy has fantasized about the roar of African lion, the trumpet of an elephant, and the gaping yawn of a hippo. What better way to go than with Uganda safari? One can connect with primal roots on the continent that is the birthplace of man, see the red and burning sunsets that many of our early ancestors admired and experience the solitude and beckoning call of the wilderness. Imagine the engine of a roaring Land cruiser beneath you, a cloudless sky and burning sun beaming down on animals you have only seen in the zoo and on television. What a wonder it would be to see the places documented on film and television and the circle of life that nature showcases so perfectly! African Jungle Adventures offers affordable and memorable wildlife tours and gorilla safari packages to all Uganda National Parks like Murchison Falls N.P, Bwindi gorilla forest, Mgahinga National park, Kibale forest, Queen Elizabeth N.P, semliki National Park, Lake Mburo wildlife park, and Mount Elgon and Rwenzori among others.

Travel in Leisure with Gorilla Expeditions Ltd, this is Uganda and Rwanda’s number one gorilla tour company and recently acquired a new safari vehicle (4×4 Land cruiser). It is available for hire at USD90 per day minus fuel / gas.

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