Why Hire a vehicle For Self Drive Tours in Uganda?

When you think about African safaris the first thing that comes to your mind is guided safaris. But with change in travel market today, most tourists today have opted for self drive and camping tours rather than guided safaris. Going for a self drive tour in Uganda means you have to hire a self drive car that suits within your pocket and gives you the total comfort and relaxation while on safari to Uganda’s remotest protected areas. This is not expensive because there are many tour operators including 4×4 Uganda Limited offering cheap car hire in Uganda from as low as US$25 per day including free travel advise, safari planning, GPS, Road Map, 24 hour road assistance and a phone with local SIM for easy communication. There is a lot more to explore on self drive tours right from wildlife, adrenaline adventures to cultural encounters.
Below are some of the reasons why you need to contact 4×4 Uganda and hire a car for self drive tours in Uganda.

Self drive cars are pocket friendly and affordable

Depending on your budget, there is wide range of cars that suit within every client pocket. Our fleets of cars come with low rates and our clients are able to realize their dreams without any worries. Whether you need a budget Toyota Rav4 or a 4×4 safari car, we shall get it for you within your budget.

Our self drive vehicles are well maintained

When it comes to car rental services, we put our client on top. If you wish to realize the value of your money, then hiring a self drive car with 4×4 Uganda Limited is a way to go for you. Our cars are well serviced and maintained in good conditions. They are regularly serviced by experts, thoroughly checked before and after every safari. All the cars have comprehensive insurance and offered at unlimited mileage basis.

Flexibility and ability to explore Uganda on your own

While others may prefer guided safaris, your self drive tour is a real adventure as it allows you to penetrate into Uganda’s hidden secrets on your preferred time. It is flexible in that you can make a stopover at any interesting site along the way which all adds to your experience. Additionally, you adjust your travel pragram depending on your interests, for instance, you can stay longer in a destination than earlier planned so that you explore more, which may not be the car with escorted tour.

Discounts on long term rentals

Hiring a vehicle for self drive tours in Uganda on a long period of time comes with amazing gifts. When you rent a car for long period like 2 weeks or more, there are higher chances are that you will be given some discounts for long term rentals with particular car hire company.

Professional safari driver guides

In case you prefer hiring a car and the driver, you still have the chance and you will simply sit back while enjoying the spectacular views of the surrounding area. Driver guides are knowledgeable about the most interesting places to visit or make a stopover while on safari to Ugandan wilderness destinations. A professional English speaking driver / guide is paid from US$30 per day and this includes his accommodations, food and upkeep. However, at the end of the trip, you can tip him depending on your satisfaction with the service.

There are no hidden rates

When it comes to hiring a car for self drive road trip in Uganda, there are hidden prices and quotes. Visitors are issued with comprehensive prices and there are no cases of exploitation.

Airport transfers

It is strenuous after you have landed in the airport and again you start looking for a car for you to transfer from the airport to your destination. With self drive rental, you get airport transfers and free of cost vehicle drop off at your specified location. This relieves you from extra cost of getting the airport taxi.

Paying on arrival

Provided that you booked the car, then there is no need to be stranded at the airport. As soon as you land at Entebbe Airport, our driver will be waiting for you at the airport ready to hand over the keys to you. You only drive the vehicle that you booked and this becomes convenient as you independent travelers who value their money.

What you Book is What You Get!

If you booked for a Rav4, you won’t get a coaster for a self drive holiday. What you like on our home page is exactly what you get up on your arrival. It feels enjoyable to drive a car of your choice.

No Credit Card Charges

When you book a car for self drive safari from 4×4 Uganda Limited, you can pay by credit card with no charges.