Bwindi National Park Uganda

Bwindi impenetrable forest National Park

The park is located in South Western Uganda, on the edge of the Western Rift Valley which is shared by the three districts: Kanungu, Kabale and Kisoro districts. It covers 331 square kilometers in size and on an altitude range of 1,160 metres (Ishasha gorge) to 2,607 metres (Rwamanyonyi Peak). The annual average temperature range is 7(C – 20(C with the coldest period being June and July.bwindi-forest-uganda

The Bakiga and Bafumbira are the local people neighboring the park, constituting the densest settlements in Uganda (350 people/square kilometer). A few Batwa are also found

Gorilla tracking: is the major tourist attraction in Bwindi National Park, with four gorilla groups currently available daily for tourists includes, Mubare group (10 gorillas, 1 silverback) was opened for tourism in 1993, Habinyanja group (18 gorillas, 1 silverback) opened in July 1998, Rushegura group (10 gorillas, 1 silverback) was opening in July 2002, while Nkuringo group (19 gorillas, 2 silverback’s) was opened for tourism in April 2004. For more up more updates visit the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) Headquarters or Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Book at least 3 months to two years in advance to ensure that requested dates are available.

Gorilla trekking in Bwindi National park is some how challenging,therefore ensure physical fitness. Gorilla tracking experience starts at 8:30 a.m. local time and can last from few hours to whole day! Registration at the gate commences at 7:45 a.m.

For gorilla tracking, come with tracking equipment/ gears like, Wear jungle shoes suitable for steep muddy slopes,  carry rain jacket because the park is often wet, Put on ear plugs for those who feel uncomfortable with jungle sounds, Carry rain gear, sunscreen lotion, a hat (since the weather is unpredictable) plus insect repellant. It is also wise to carry packed lunch since the time spent in the forest searching for the gentle giants is unpredictable, however it may range from 2-9 hours depending on the movement of the Gorilla group you booked for.

For conservation reasons, a number of rules are applied and must be strictly adhered to. They include the following:

-No one with a communicable disease like Flu, diarrhea among others, is allowed to enter the park.

-Stay together in a tight group while with the gorillas, don’t surround them.

-Don’t get closer than 7 metres (21 feet) to the gorillas.

-Don’t use flashes while photographing the gorillas.

-Don’t eat or smoke when with gorillas or within a distance of 200 metres from the gorillas.

-Turn away from the gorillas if you have to sneeze or cough. Cover your nose and mouth in the process.

-Burry all human feaces a minimum of one foot deep and ensure that the hole is properly covered.

-Don’t leave litter. All litter must be carried out of the park and disposed off properly.

-No person under 15 years is allowed to track gorillas.

-Don’t make loud noise or move suddenly.

-You are allowed a maximum of 1 hour with gorillas.

-Don’t spit on vegetation or soil while in the park; use your hankie or other garment.

-A group must not be more than 8 tourists and must all be over 15 years old.